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We could make the beach stress-free for everyone




It is ludicrous and hypocritical to discuss the improvement of Oceano without considering closing its beach to traffic and making a better use of the land that is now occupied by an elite airport. Oceano already has what could turn it into a “golden nugget” of the Central Coast: sand dunes, lagoon, estuary, and beach, because that’s just what most people come here for: the beach! Unfortunately, our beach is used as a road but without sidewalks, stop signs, or pedestrian crossings.

On Oceano Beach, pedestrians have to give way to cars. Our beach is not accessible to all; it is accessible only to cars. The California Coastal Act is violated every time I must drive to Grover or Pismo to walk on the beach safely. Oceano residents and property owners are the only beach-located taxpayers in California who do not have a pedestrian-safe beach. Yes, the dunes boardwalk and the trolley should go all the way to Oceano Beach; Pier Avenue could be lined with shops and motels; the airport could be turned into an eco-friendly parking lot so people could park and walk on Pier Avenue, the beach, and the dunes. Business would flourish for everybody, not just for the off-road rentals and a few pilots. Most of all, Oceano Beach could become a safe, stress-free experience for everyone.

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