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We do, indeed, need a qualified clerk-recorder



I agree with Christine Mulholland's letter about the need for a "qualified clerk-recorder" ("We need a qualified clerk-recorder," May 5). Elaina Cano, the appointed clerk-recorder, is the only qualified candidate experienced in managing clerk-recorder's offices and elections.

I watched the interviews of prospective appointees before the Board of Supervisors, and Ms. Cano was transparent, nonpartisan, and spoke with the confidence of her experience.

One of the other candidates says he is nonpartisan, but he's playing "dirty" like the local GOP brags about. That candidate called on his old high school buddy, Mike Nolan, and their other buddy, T. Keith Gurnee, and they filed a frivolous lawsuit about comma placement on the ballot and what the appointed clerk-recorder's title should be. It was embarrassing and disgusting.

It was good to see the judge throw the bogus "dirty" lawsuit out of the court. It may have been their attempt at intimidation tactics, pathetic as it was. That attorney(s) should be sanctioned for that frivolous lawsuit.

That candidate says he's nonpartisan. But he says a lot of things that are not true. He is a contributor to, a defender of, and a cult member of the local yellow press tabloid. That online tabloid is a right-wing cult, dispensing conspiracy theories and falsehoods. I cannot read it.

The most qualified and experienced candidate for the upcoming election for clerk-recorder is Elaina Cano.

Scott Jenkins

San Luis Obispo

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