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We have a right to pure water

San Luis Obispo



Full freedom of our right to know and do no harm! This principle indwells in our gratitude to New Times. Thanks for opening dialogue about sacredness of water (“Eyes on water” by Kathy Johnston, June 21) and Jeannie Blackwell’s “All about water” (June 28) and addressing our inalienable right and Mother Earth’s to know what hydraulic fracturing will do to all our kin.

If you have ever lived/worked on a reservation where Native brothers and sisters trucked water, one load at a time, sometimes hundreds of miles, and lived on a farm when the well went dry, you would surely vehemently oppose the fracturing oil/gas companies do to release “natural” gas from Earth’s womb. We already have 100 years’ supply.

Dr. Theo Colburn, president of the Endocrine Disruption Exchange, documents that the fracturing industry uses 944 chemicals, of which we know little or nothing. She says many of them affect, though, vital endocrine functioning and that the wells will potentially create Superfund sites with no EPA monitoring. When we have flames coming out of our shower heads, like in Pavilion, Wyo., who do we contact? What made us sick?

The Obama administration on May 5 said oil companies don’t have to disclose until after they’ve fractured, barring proprietary formulas and trade secrets. Whatever happened to the Precautionary Principle?

Oh, Universe, would you send Rachel Carson back? Kin, when you encounter us with our Do No Harm Water Rights petition, please sign and get involved. Pure water remains an inalienable right!

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