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We need an unbiased 9/11 investigation

San Luis Obispo



Most Christians are familiar with Jesus’ teaching that a house built upon sand will collapse. His message? A life based on dishonesty cannot succeed.

The same is true for a nation.

From its inception, this country has been predicated upon dishonesty, from the myths we perpetrate about the murderous Columbus to the history-book claim that the Native Americans we slaughtered were the aggressor.

We cannot go back and undo our grievous behavior regarding Native Americans, slaves, nor Japanese-Americans during World War II.

However, there is still time to correct the lies contained in the “official story” about 9/11, which became the basis for manipulating most Americans into supporting our war-crimes invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan (reference the Nuremberg-trial report the United States wrote).

It is imperative that we heed the 1,500 professionals who make up Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth (ae911truth.org). A fair, unbiased investigation must be conducted to determine what really happened on that fateful day if we, as a nation, are to proceed on the basis of honesty and reality.

Else, our continuing self-deception contains within it the seeds of our own destruction.

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