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We need Diablo


Fires are burning in California right now. These are global warming fires caused by vegetation getting insufficient rainfall. A lack of rainfall is caused by warming temperatures worldwide and locally.

The primary cause of global warming worldwide is burning fossil fuels. California has wind and solar, but we need a carbon-free source of energy that is always on because sometimes the wind goes away and the sun always goes down.

California has one nuclear plant left playing that vital "always on" role—Diablo Canyon Power Plant. But PG&E wants to close it. The reason: PG&E is a private business and there's more money in replacing Diablo Canyon with natural gas plants. Another reason: Fossil fuel interests give millions in campaign donations to California politicians yearly. Utilities are required to do what's good for people.

So something good for politicians and good for profit, but bad for the climate and local health is going to be done with the closure of Diablo Canyon. Public utilities are supposed to be controlled by citizens through our democratic government. A utility that's good for people should stay in place and the governor has the power to do that, but natural gas contributes to political campaigns.

Call your state representative and tell him or her it's not a good deal for you and your family, nor any family in California. You want Diablo Canyon to keep running. Tell the representative you want to know what he or she will do about it to help decide how you should vote in November. Say, "I vote for politicians who vote for what's best for the people."

William Gloege

Santa Maria

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