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Where's the sympathy? The outrage?

Paso Robles



I was surprised to find in last week’s (Nov. 3) letters to the editor not a single comment on the cover story “‘Down for my hood’” (Nov. 3), especially in response to the section about the unsolved case of Bryan Brady.

I was friends with Bryan Brady. We went to the same high school and lived in the same town. What happened to him was a complete tragedy that has left a lot of people confused by his untimely death. Why is no one in the community saying anything about what happened? I’m especially surprised by the fact that there isn’t a word about the case even after Colin Rigley had included graphic and intense details about Bryan being hit by a train. Where is the compassion from people? Where is the sympathy for the family?

It is even more puzzling to me that the case remains closed and that the Paso Robles Police Department refuses to reopen the case despite crucial evidence pointing out that Bryan’s death was indeed not a suicide or even an accident. Bryan had just turned 21 years old. He is missed extremely by his family and friends. I would love to see people in the community pay their respects.

-- Rodi Bragg - San Luis Obispo, GRRL TALK

-- Rodi Bragg - San Luis Obispo

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