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Who’s protecting our children?


I am writing as a concerned parent in Nipomo.

About two months ago I called the sheriff’s department to complain; my daughter, who is 14 and walks approximately three-quarters of a mile to her bus stop on Division, had someone approach her and ask to give her a ride. She said no, and he slowly followed her before leaving.

When she came home and told me this, I immediately called the sheriff’s department. They responded very quickly. We were told that without a license plate number nothing could be done, but they were going to patrol the area.

I am here to tell you in all the times we have driven her to the bus stop I have not seen the sheriff patrol the area once!

I am writing this letter in total frustration after hearing about the 16-year-old that someone tried to attack at the bus stop not too far off Division.

With the fact that Nipomo does not have any city police, how many sheriff’s officers actually spend their time in Nipomo? The answer I received was one.

I see many little ones on my trip back home from the school. It seems to me that this is a crime of opportunity, and we are giving these bad guys a lot of opportunity. I for one try to make sure my daughter does not walk to the bus anymore. You would think with all the property tax we pay we would have more police patrolling the streets and roads.

Jill Mallory


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