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Who's the bigot?

Arroyo Grande



Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Patrick Mallon confirms his bigotry in his letter (“What difference does Frank’s sexuality make?” June 23) by calling Otis Page a bigot for his letter. (“Democrats—and the nation—are damaged,” June 16).

Mallon is an apparent Democrat and homosexual sympathizer. He appears incensed because Otis referred to homosexual Barney Frank in the company of Weiner and Rangel in “the swamp of Democrats with ethics violations.” So is Mallon upset over the homosexual issue? Maybe a little, but it appears what triggers Mallon’s bigotry is Otis’ fingering the issue of the Democrats’ “hideous example of hypocrisy and contradiction” for first defending Weiner and then throwing him under the bus.

Mallon is upset by Otis criticizing his Democrats. If Otis is a bigot, Patrick Mallon is also.

-- Ken Goodman - Arroyo Grande

-- Ken Goodman - Arroyo Grande

-- Ken Goodman - Arroyo Grande

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