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Who's the Boogie Man?

Paso Robles



I think we all have the potential to be open to new ideas and be inquisitive of things that we don’t understand. Capturing this curiosity is a path for us to learn and understand our differences, while still being true to our individuality and our loving selves.

I also think we have the potential to be fearful of anything that we don’t understand. Fearful thinking causes us to see unfamiliar things as a threat, and we naturally want to protect ourselves from the danger. Some prominent political figures have tapped into this vein of fear we all have and are attempting to terrify and exploit us to promote their own power. The building of mosques, gay marriage, undocumented workers, health care reform, and Obama are just a few of many hyped threats they claim will make us a weaker nation and eventually lead to our demise.

Our young country is at a crossroads: Will it learn about and embrace new forward-looking ideas and concepts, changing with the times, or will it view everything new and unfamiliar as a potential threat to it’s existence?

I’m not naïve; I know we have enemies that are a real threat to our security, but not the ones made up by a few power-hungry politicians. For our survival as a nation, I hope we can see our way through this mess.

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