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Why change our laws to reward illegality?



The California Supreme Court decided that a person living in California illegally can get a law license to practice law. This demonstrates the peak of irrationality and is pure idiocy.

It flies against common sense. It is contradictory. It is an insult to all law-abiding Americans. It is a slap in the face to all immigrants who waited their turn, played by the rules, and entered the United States lawfully. It breaks down society’s understanding of law, standards, meaning, values, reason, natural order, and being.

An illegal arguing for legality in a court of law? Let’s get real. An officer of the court who revels in his illegality in court! Does this show his good moral character? And California’s highest court condones this? How stupid we have become!

This decision highlights two societal problems: re-defining words in order to justify a political end, and making public policy based on feelings, not truth and rationality. The lawyer in question claimed he had a lifelong dream of practicing law in California. That is admirable. We support dreams and achievement. We can feel empathy for a person and his situation. However, why should our basic laws need to be changed to reward illegal activities? Just wait: The next case will involve another illegal U.S. entrant whose dream is to become president of the United States. With this logic, why not? Actually, some believe this too has already happened. Constitution be damned, since it is only an old piece of paper.

America welcomes legal immigrants.

-- Matt Kokkonen - San Luis Obispo

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