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Why should they get more?

Arroyo Grande



Every time I turn on the TV or radio, I hear the administration and its party make a pitch for lifting regulations on oil companies and on granting new leases for offshore sites and protected wilderness.

Unfortunately, the administration and the oil companies are committing a major sin of omission. What is missing are the facts. The major oil companies already possess leases on many tens of millions of acres of potentially oil-rich fields, onshore and offshore, that have yet to be used to great extent. Some wells there that have been drilled have been capped, presumably until the price of oil rises even further, and the oil companies say there is a shortage of equipment or expert crews to drill in offshore leases, despite record profits. Were they and the speculators on futures willing to take a fraction less profit, oil and gas prices would have never climbed so high.

This present push is a blatant attempt to use the financial distress, created by their own manipulation of the market, to get unregulated access to whatever oil resources may still remain. With a monopoly on all domestic oil, what profits may be reaped in the future by the privileged few in the business?

The media push, fueled by the industry and its cheerleaders, is backed by the deepest of pockets, yet I trust an informed and intelligent public will not fall for this propaganda and will resist any further liberties for these dishonest, self-serving proponents of lifting “bans” and opening public lands to drilling by private cartels for private profit.

-- Istar Holliday - Arroyo Grande

-- Istar Holliday - Arroyo Grande

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