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World War II veterans unite

Tom Brokaw's "Greatest Generation" greatly disappointed me. I thought it would be about average World War II Joes instead of celebrities.

Since we veterans have dwindled to under 20 percent, I feel it's time to compile stories of the ordinary guys and gals. This will be a big project and must be a collaborative effort of all who take part.

But, I am willing to get the ball rolling, knowing there are many World War II veterans on the Central Coast. I am asking the ones who have written or are willing to write short stories about interesting experiences during their service (maximum four double-spaced pages) to write to me.

I cannot guarantee anything will come of this. But I hope to bring a group of us together for a meeting to discuss the possibility of publishing these stories.

Sorry, this is only for those who do their own writing or have someone who will write it for them. It is just too much effort to expect other participants to do the writing for you.

If a younger person with lots of stamina is willing to take on that chore, I'd like to hear from them too.


Roy Berger

[email protected]

Arroyo Grande

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