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Wow. Another group of NIMBYs


"In need of change" by the SLO Cannabis Watch Group (Oct. 10) actually seems like it was written by people from the winery business. Or as I like to call them "cork-sniffing whiners."

Or, maybe, they like to indulge in a glass of wine or five at the end of the day, while others like to indulge in cannabis. It's not much different. Maybe, we should start going after wineries that are too close to schools and homes. There are so many of them. The elementary school that my kids went to sits right next door to a large grape "grow," and they aren't table grapes. One of the reasons we don't have enough housing in SLO County is because of all of the wineries. It takes acreage. And tractors, and water, and farm laborers who are underpaid.

Hell, you can even drive around and sample wines, then drive, sample more wines, drive again, sample more, drive again, and so on. And yes, near schools. How safe is that? So stop with the NIMBY crap telling us why we should regulate cannabis, when we all know it's about money, not safety.

If Napa has the perfect system in place, move there.

Nate Burden

San Luis Obispo

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