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You can't handle the nuclear




In her Sept. 29 letter, Rochelle Becker laments that radioactive waste is accumulating on the Central Coast (“We want a voice in nuclear storage”). Ms. Becker, I would like to see evidence that any organization you have worked with has supported any other alternative besides shutting down Diablo Canyon. Storage at Yucca Mountain in Nevada is not a perfect solution, but it is the best alternative we have, and you have opposed it from the beginning.

Why do we no longer see “The Straight Dope” in New Times? Without it, it takes me 25 percent less time to read an issue. I’m beginning to think New Times occasionally couldn’t handle the truth, especially when Cecil Adams expressed his middle-of-the-road views on nuclear power. The truth, however, is that you are probably just too cheap.

Executive ed. note: Ouch, Charlee! You wound us! While we are pretty cheap—hardly anyone springs for donuts for our staff meetings—the big-money answer is that we recently took the space we were setting aside for the syndicated “Straight Dope” (three precious quarters of a page) and gave it over to more local content.

While the Cecil Adams-penned feature, coupled with Slug Signorino’s often mammary-heavy illustrations, appeared in our pages for years, we recently came to the realizations that 1) you can find all sorts of Straight Dope goodness online at straightdope.com and 2) we want to do more local coverage of locals written by locals. Notice that Straight Dope’s disappearance roughly coincided with the appearance of our Cougars and Mustangs column that reveals weekly tidbits about our local colleges, Cuesta and Cal Poly; our Bites column that serves up more local food and wine news; and our Homeless Project, which aims to put local haves in touch with local have-nots via weekly profiles of people trying to better their living situations with help from their fellow community members.

The key word, if you hadn’t noticed, is “local.” That’s what we do best: We cover SLO County. Watch our pages in the coming weeks and months for more new ways of looking at this crazy Central Coast in which we all live, work, and play.


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