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You chauvinistic, hypocritical Shredder

San Luis Obispo



Wow, your column seemed to be an anger free-for-all that was also a case of “thou dost protest too much” (“Stacking the odds,” Dec. 16). What’s really going on with you? I can’t figure out if it’s male chauvinism of if you are just best friends with Dan Carpenter, but your “facts” and comments were absurd. For one, you keep attacking Patricia Andreen and yet don’t give any reason other than you wanted Carpenter.

If you are really talking about votes, then consider that in 2000, she was elected to the San Luis Coastal School Board with nearly 16,000 votes. She was elected; she won! You seemed to forget that part. And that’s way more than the 5,161 votes for Carpenter. And that’s just if you are looking at votes and numbers as an indication.

However, you seem to totally miss the point that the voters of this city elected three people who represented a particular philosophy. To then say that someone the majority of voters rejected should be put in anyway is kind of absurd.

What really surprises me is that this situation happens all the time, particularly in local elections, and when it involves a guy, you never say a word. It’s OK for men, but let a woman run from what is called a “safe seat” and then you raise a different set of standards. What a hypocrite!

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