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You want to talk seniority?



Matt nailed it when he said “Neighbors look out for each other while also trying to stay out of each other’s business.” (“A rock and a hard place,” Aug. 15) While I do believe that property owners have the right to do certain things on their land, there is a line that has to be drawn; that is the reason we have rules and regulations. Otherwise, everyone could do anything they want, regardless of the adverse effects on the environment or their neighbors.

And there is this mentality out here with a few people that if you have owned your property longer than others, you have more rights than the rest. Well, if that’s the case, then myself being a registered American Indian (Caddo Tribe), I should be able to build a shopping mall where I live! So let’s weigh this out on the scale we call Democracy and see which weighs more: benefit or liability.

-- Kevin Lee - Santa Margarita

-- Kevin Lee - Santa Margarita

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