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You'd better not be Mammon worshipers!

San Luis Obispo



I plead with Senator Blakeslee and Assemblyman Achadjian to do the right thing and allow a vote by the people of California to see if we think it is necessary to raise taxes to keep the state running. The good, wealthy people in this state would not mind paying a little more for what California has given them.

If they are part of the ultra wealthy who are greedy who think they don’t need to give back, those people are sadistic and lacking anything resembling a soul. Is it the new Republican leadership’s fascination to enjoy watching the dwindling middle-class, elderly, and poor people suffer and die before their time, along with denying students a good education?

Think about it, gentlemen. Are you really compassionate, or do you worship at the altar of Mammon and attend the church of greed doing the bidding of the oil companies and the war industry?

The Republicans’ desire for endless war and class warfare is sickening. These elected officials are doing everything they can to hurt our country for political gain. They pose as representatives of the people, but are just a recording of Republican talking points.

If they continue this, I pray an ice age comes soon to allow nature to destroy humanity before the state and national Republican leadership do.

Represent your constituents instead of your corporate Johns!

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