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3-D breeds germs




I recently saw Avatar in 3-D locally and though the film impressed me, the theater staff did not. Evidently, they have no means of sanitizing the 3-D glasses between shows. When the previous audience exited, and again when my film let out, I watched the employees put the glasses right back into the box from which they were distributed. 

 The next day I started having a rough cough in the morning. By the end of the evening, I was alternating between a fever and chills, and suffered aches and a fever for two more days.

I wonder how many people will get the cold I had from the 3-D glasses I wore. Conversely, I wonder whether I caught the cold from the glasses. If the glasses are so expensive to make that we can’t have our own or recycle them, then they need to be sanitized between viewers. I’ll carry my own sanitizer to the theater for such films from now on. 

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