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500 days of joy and gratitude

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You may not have heard that Donald Trump recently celebrated his 500th day as our president. This would be true especially if you get your news from left-leaning media like ... well ... most of the media. But for me, it represented 500 days of joy and gratitude.

You see, although I voted for Mr. Trump, I never really expected him to win. After the stunning defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012, I couldn't get my hopes up for novice Trump against the well-funded, very experienced, Clinton machine. So although I was shocked and thrilled when he won, my expectations for his presidency were indeed limited.

But now, after 500 days of winning, I couldn't be happier with America's choice. Lower taxes, historically low unemployment especially for women and minorities, ISIS so devastated that it's basically out of the news, conservative judges appointed at all levels, progress on border security and, now, possible peace on the Korean peninsula to name but a few of his accomplishments. So, yes, I'm joyful!

I'm also grateful that Donald Trump, a billionaire, who could have spent the waning years of his life jet setting across the world, living in luxury, spending time with the "swells" decided instead to dedicate himself, his energy, his savvy, to make America great again. He's given up the best years of his later life for us, and, for that, we should all be exceedingly grateful.

So with a year-and-a-half completed and six-and-a half to go, I thank Donald Trump for his sacrifice and wish him good health and more winning.

Gary Wechter

Arroyo Grande


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