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A bad politician vs. a clean record



I love watching Salud Carbajal's ads. Why? Because they are so completely ridiculous that they actually make me laugh.

Justin Fareed is by far the most honest candidate we’ve had run for office in years, which is obviously true considering Salud’s only defense against him is desperately trying to tie him to Trump, who, FYI, is not running for California’s 24th District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

However, I can’t really blame him for doing everything possible to stop people from looking at his own record.

He says he’s “proud” of what he’s done for our community, but I don’t see anything to be proud of, unless he’s talking about the hundreds of businesses that have left Santa Barbara since he took office. Also, someone should really tell Salud what “bipartisan” means because working on a non-partisan board of supervisors does not count.

Justin Fareed has my vote, and I look forward to Salud’s retirement.

-- Ben Gerber - San Luis Obispo

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