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A bike path could be coming to your neighborhood


The city of San Luis Obispo would love for you to think the "Anholm Greenway" (aka "Anholm Bikeway," aka "North Broad Bike Boulevard") will be the most marvelous thing they've ever done.

Don't swallow spin. The real story is ugly and dirty.

This is the most neighborhood-unfriendly city project in memory.

It is racist, ableist, ageist, elitist, and plain mean, nasty, and rotten to neighborhood residents, and the features that make it such are completely unnecessary. It was the city's deliberate choice to say to residents: "You don't count."

The design and advancement of this atrocity rest on conflicts of interest so incestuous no well-governed city would tolerate them.

Bicyclists are alleged to be winners, but what they get is a dangerous, unsafe mishmash of textbook concepts clumsily applied where they don't belong. Any number of kinder-to-residents alternatives would better serve bicyclists, but an arrogant know-it-all city rejected them all.

The city says this is but the first of many neighborhoods it intends to treat so shabbily. So wake up, SLO neighborhoods—yours could be next.

Richard Schmidt

San Luis Obispo

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