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A contradictory argument


In the opinion commentary "The Coming Mess" by Quinn Brady in the May 13 edition of New Times, the author begins by describing how the filibuster rule in the United States Senate is so horrible in that it denies the majority party in the Senate, the Democrats/liberals, from controlling all legislation. The author seems to disregard that in the previous legislative sessions when the Democrats/liberals were in the minority they exercised the filibuster about 300 times in an attempt to kill or delay legislation they did not like.

Then in the second paragraph and in the remainder of the article, the author proceeds to argue that the majority party, the Republicans/conservatives, on the SLO County Board of Supervisors should not be able to control the legislation, but should somehow allow the minority a more significant role on the Board of Supervisors.

Does Quinn Brady realize that the article contradicts itself? I presume that in the author's mind it all depends on whose goose is being gored.

Ron Smith

Paso Robles

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