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A difference of opinion


The many pieces you've recently printed on climate change make it clear how different perspectives are about our new reality. Well-meaning, informed people heatedly disagree, supporting their beliefs with disparate facts pulled from dissimilar sources. Finding and discarding the propaganda and evaluating the proposals is so exhausting it's tempting to give up on understanding despite how much is at stake.

So what do we do? We need to assess whether those people who offer their opinions in public have done their homework, including whether they form their beliefs from reputable, expert sources and are as free of self-interest and organizational bias as humanly possible. This is particularly true of public officials, who have the power to act on their beliefs, impacting all our lives.

That is why I support Ellen Beraud for 5th District county supervisor. Ellen is an independent thinker who seeks expert opinions and reputable research before taking a position. She is not financially or ideologically beholden to people or organizations that put their self-interest above concern for SLO County residents. And her deep experience in Atascadero government means she knows how to work with people of all opinions and backgrounds to meet common goals. She does her homework. I trust her—so can you.

Linda Baker


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