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A fearful, right-wing agenda



The three SLO County Board of Supervisors government obstructionists did it again. Instead of appointing the current deputy clerk recorder to fill the vacant SLO County clerk-recorder position, they want to open it up for their review of candidates. They want their hand-picked interim candidate for an elected position.

They expect to get candidates from all over the state. Who would apply for this temporary position, since it is just that, an interim position. All this delay costs taxpayer money.

Fourth District Supervisor Lynn Compton said she doesn't personally know the current deputy clerk. Don't know her? She works in her building. Why didn't she review Helen Nolan's qualifications or even sit down and talk with her? Duh.

The Board of Supervisors is supposed to be nonpartisan. All these three do is vote for a fearful, right-wing agenda. They couldn't see past that May meeting with all the out-of-area calls and attack on the Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong?

Good news: Those of us in District 4 get a fresh, honest choice next year by voting for Jimmy Paulding to replace Compton. We need to restore smart, intelligent-run government with no hidden agendas.

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