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A letter to recognize public outreach


This open letter is meant to honor CAPSLO (Community Action Partnership of SLO) employees who've graciously helped me in numerous ways since June 2016.

When I was released from a care facility to continue healing from a broken leg, I was given the phone number to call CAPSLO, a nonprofit organization, and instructed to call them for grab bars in my shower. An intake worker scheduled an interview in my home.

After answering questions relating to my financial living situation (I'm a renter who receives SSI because of several emotional and physical disabilities) it was determined I qualified for grab bars, which were installed at no cost to me.

All requests and subsequent future upgrades to environmentally friendly improvements were approved.

My refrigerator was replaced, as were ceiling lights, lightbulbs, porch lights, a wand shower head, and the toilet, and weather stripping was installed. It substantially reduced utility payments, and I received an EBT food card.

From the first home visit with Katherina, the intake worker, until the most recent visit, each employee has been pleasantly professional, doing good work.

I hope this information becomes available to as many as possible who struggle for help with unmet needs—such as mine—so their lives may also be improved.

I'd be remiss not to recognize my landlords' and their property management's loving patience in countless ways over the past two decades.

I do thank you.

Sylvia Howell Kneller

San Luis Obispo

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