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A nauseating stench


People using Prado Road and the Bob Jones Trail, as well as the businesses and homes across the street from the wastewater plant, frequently encounter a smell similar to dozens of people crapping next to them! An open window in a passing vehicle allows the stench to attack the passengers.

I have nearly vomited it is so bad. So, the newly built homeless center, across the street from the facility will experience this stench from south or easterly winds! There is already a lot of foot and bike traffic past this terrible smell—from the Prado Day Center and the bikes and vehicles traveling from Higuera Road to the popular movie theater.

There needs to be a way to treat the sewage water with a chemical deodorizer—or if that's not possible, to quickly construct a fence or wall so high that the smell can't penetrate it.

This is a county and city oversight that has been ignored for too long. I suggest a policy needs to be enacted and budgeted for by the administrators who have jurisdiction over the facility. Money has been appropriated for the water treatment plant, and it's critical to allot some of it to fix this problem!

Steve Omar

San Luis Obispo

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