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'A paucity of policy ideas'


I had my breath taken away by the mailer sent to me by the Stacy Korsgaden campaign regarding Adam Hill, Korsgaden's incumbent opponent. It was clear enough from the candidate's forum last month that Korsgaden, in my friend Tom's words: "has a paucity of policy ideas." Sufficient, in a head-to-head race, to assure Hill's ballot victory. Both of the inflammatory flyers sent to me show that this challenge campaign is in the slime, grasping for straws.

Hill can be brusque, can be rough around the edges, and just like that vigilant if scary dog, fights like we want him to fight for the good of this county! Let's look at Adam's record of accomplishments, support him in "not letting the outrage consume me," and ensure four more years of having our best interests doggedly defended and supported.

Allen Root

San Luis Obispo

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