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A people's president


The anti-Trump hatred and bombastic rhetoric is raging at dangerous levels, going so far as to incite murder by depicting a bloody beheading of our president. The lunatic liberal left as well as the nattering nabob neocons on the right share the blame for this despicable and disgusting behavior.

We the people, who detest this negative and America-destroying attitude, flocked to the polls and by a significant state-by-state majority elected the best president in recent U.S. history.

President Trump is not a Republican or Democrat president. He is a people's president. We who chose him are satisfied, pleased, and even thrilled with his pro-people, pro-America achievements.

We the people in America have always prevailed and will continue to prevail despite the animosity hurled at our duly elected leader. Freedom will march onward and leave the current anti-Trump mob as no more than a blip in the dustbin of history.

August Salemi


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