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A proposal that accomplishes nothing


As a member of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant Decommissioning Engagement Panel, I found Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham's proposal to keep the power plant open beyond 2025 very surprising. Not only did PG&E itself seek to close the plant, it obtained the state's approval to do so in 2018.

When asked about this, PG&E 's Tom Jones stated, "We appreciate Assemblyman Cunningham's strong leadership on helping California meet its clean energy goals. His proposal does not change any of PG&E's plans for Diablo Canyon Power Plant. The state of California has clearly indicated its position on the future of nuclear power in the state through the CPUC's [California Public Utility Commission's] approval of the joint proposal and the passage of Senate Bill 1090 by the state Legislature. As a state-regulated utility, we are focused on meeting the energy policies of the state. This includes meeting requirements of the joint proposal and SB 1090, and continuing to run the plant safely and reliably to the end of the licenses while planning for a successful decommissioning."

We should not be distracted by pie-in-the-sky proposals that cause nothing but confusion and division. We should instead focus on the herculean decommissioning tasks that lie ahead, including dismantling/transporting away the construction debris, ensuring safe and secure storage of used nuclear fuel, exploring the repurposing of non-contaminated facilities and structures to boost the local economy, and conserving the 12,000-acre Diablo Canyon lands.

Kara Woodruff

San Luis Obispo

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