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A question of poor judgment


One of the qualities we expect in an elected official is for them to show good judgment in the selection of the people they appoint to boards and commissions. We have a reasonable expectation that those appointed will consider the health and safety of their constituents a priority. In this, Lynn Compton has a dismal record, as evidenced by her appointment of Jim Harrison to the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission.

Mr. Harrison has been consistently on the wrong side of almost every issue facing our community. His support of the Phillips 66 rail spur in Nipomo, the Las Pilitas Quarry in Santa Margarita, and the unregulated ATV activity in Oceano Dunes State Park all expose his blatant disregard for the safety and health of 4th District residents. And when he had the chance to promote healthy living by revitalizing the Nipomo Community Park with trails and open spaces, he helped lead the opposition to its development. The responsibility for appointing Jim Harrison, a man who has consistently worked against the interests of our community, falls squarely on the shoulders of Lynn Compton.

His appointment clearly shows her poor judgment, unless in his selection she got exactly what she wanted.

Daniel Weitz


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