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A reflective view


As I sat at the "Faces of Freedom" Veteran's Memorial in Atascadero one Monday evening, I took time to reflect on where we are as a country. For me, being there is very comforting, honoring, and peaceful. I am humbled and very proud of what the memorial represents.

I look at the division and hatred that is so prolific in our country right now. It is so disrespectful to each and every person on the walls or bricks that grace this beautiful place. Many of them have paid the ultimate price for each of us. What happened to the country that once was of morals, values, integrity, honesty, and truth? What has happened to respect for each other, or more importantly, for one's self?

We have turned from these core values. There has been a socialist movement in this country for decades now, and it appears it has taken over the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders, Mayor Heidi Harmon, and SLO Progressives are proof of this. You want more proof, look what happened in Portland, Ore., and Alexandria, Va.

Some of the goals of this socialist movement are to destroy the family unit, Christianity, freedom of speech, and division of the people by the control of the media and education system. They have redefined what life is, marriage, family, and gender. There is a pure hate for God and Jesus Christ. Woe to you. I pray for a revival of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our country. We see the results of the falling away of God and his ways. Instead of God bless America, how about America, bless God.

Jim Shannon III


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