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A six-story building on Marsh?!


Yet another massively oversized building is currently being reviewed by the San Luis Obispo City Council for the historic core of downtown SLO. This proposed six-story building on Marsh street looks like one building sitting on top of another. Granted, it's less worse than the developers' first proposal, but it is still awful in so many ways. No matter how they game the system to bend the height restrictions carefully designed by city planning to preserve the character and mountain views of the town we love, this is an awful project.

Using the rationale that the proposed building is close to an often full parking structure (check it out on weekends), the developer is "offering" only seven onsite parking spaces for 50 apartments, ground floor retail, and several floors of offices. This defies logic. Want apartments? Fine. Want office space? OK. Decide which, lose the top three stories, and provide adequate parking.

City Council, please stop this insanity.

Patti Everett


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