A SLO City Council seat is up for grabs



When the newly elected San Luis Obispo City Council members gather for their first meeting together Dec. 1, they’ll have one last election task to finish: find another council member.

The City Council will soon have to decide how it will fill the council seat vacated by Jan Marx, who was elected mayor but has two years left on her term as a city councilmember.

The council will have two choices on how to deal with the vacancy: A special election could be called, or the new mayor and three council members can vote among themselves for the new member. If history is any guide, the council is likely to appoint someone to the seat. 

Several city residents have put themselves up for consideration for the council slot. One is Dan Carpenter, who was the leading runner-up for City Council in the Nov. 2 election. He lost by only 229 votes to Kathy Smith. Councilman Andrew Carter was the top vote-getter.

Carlyn Christianson, a county planning commissioner and former member of the city planning commission, has also declared her interest.

Kevin Rice, a local activist, has also announced he’s interested in the council seat.

Patty Andreen, a former school board member who lost to Jerry Lenthall in a county supervisor race in 2004, and who’s a supporter of both Mayor-Elect Marx and Smith, is also said to be in the running.

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