A suspected serial prowler freaks out a SLO neighborhood



A number of San Luis Obispo residents have recently had experiences they won’t soon forget, and the city police department is advising neighbors to look out for each other and be aware of their surroundings as officers try to determine the person or persons responsible for a number of beyond-freaky incidents involving suspected prowling.

Since Christmas, there have been at least four reports of someone creeping outside residents’ windows—and in one case actually entering a home—in the neighborhood around the intersection of Broad and Sandercock streets.

Cpt. Keith Storton said the department’s investigation is ongoing, but it remains unclear whether the incidents were all caused by the same individual. However, he said two incidents involved calls from residents who believed someone was lurking outside their home, though the perp wasn’t seen directly. In two other incidents, residents actually saw an individual—and in one case, actually chased him off.

Police are looking for a suspect described as a Hispanic male approximately 45 to 55 years old and roughly 5-foot-4 with short black hair and a mustache.

One victim of the alleged prowling—whom New Times spoke to but won’t name—said she reported two incidents to the police. The first, at about 10:30 p.m. on Dec. 25, came after she heard a person walking outside her window, then heard her sliding glass door in another room open. She said she started screaming that she had a sword and heard the person bolt from the residence.

About a week later, she said, she again heard noises outside her home. When she lifted the curtain on the locked sliding door, an outside motion-detecting light flashed on just enough for her to see a male standing at the door. She said she didn’t see his face, but caught a glimpse of his work boots before screaming, closing the curtains, and calling police.

“The cops were amazing and got there so fast,” she told New Times. “It’s just a matter of time until they get him, I hope.”

Police are asking residents to keep their doors and windows locked, and hoping that anyone with information on the incidents will contact Crime Stopper at 549-STOP.

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