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A typical political rant



I'm not a particularly ardent fan of Donald Trump, nor of Hilary Clinton. But Kathy Riedman ("Assigning blame," March 16), I get that your hatred of him is extreme—you attacked everything he has said, everything he has done, and everyone that is in any way associated with him. And you did the typical (these days, anyway) stereotypically political tactic of calling Trump and everybody else that voted for him a racist. For wanting to enforce the immigration laws, he is a racist. For wanting to build that wall, he is a racist. For wanting people to show identification to vote, he is a racist (how do you cash a check without ID? How do you get your mail without ID? How do you function without ID? How is that possibly racist?).

You didn't go after his wife; that was your one saving grace. He didn't really win the election; the Democrats lost it. But he is the elected president. And all those leakers that you admire are committing felonies, for the most part. If they did it to your side, you wouldn't tolerate it.

-- Boris Roberts - Santa Maria

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