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A vision of the future includes high-speed rail


Yes, the Central Coast taxpayers deserve better, better that we are getting from Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham for sure! Mr. Cunningham rails against the high-speed rail project that will connect Northern California to Southern California and all points through the Central Valley because it will not serve San Luis Obispo County ("Central Coast taxpayers deserve better," Aug. 23). Instead, he said, "we should invest in our roads, schools, and our water infrastructure."

He forgets or maybe doesn't know that the lack of forward thinking by our politicians in 1956 is one of the big reasons San Luis Obispo County has a water infrastructure problem in the first place. In 1956, the county Board of Supervisors, thinking that the county would never need the water from the North County watershed, voted to give that water to Monterey County and not participate in the construction of the Nacimiento Dam!

We all recognize now that the lack of foresight for San Luis Obispo County was huge. The primary obstacle to the development of the whole county is now hinging on water availability. Now, I agree that we need to invest in our schools and roads and water infrastructure and that those issues are now. But we all lauded President John F. Kennedy when he wanted to send men to the moon and back even though it may not have directly benefited San Luis Obispo County.

And I'm 80 years old and probably won't benefit from most of the pressing issues. But in the long run for the state of California and my children and grandchildren, the high-speed rail project is going to be very beneficial. Don't follow a man that cannot see or think beyond his nose.

Ken Riding

Paso Robles

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