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Accept my appreciation

Morro Bay



Today, when my wife and I travel to Paso Robles, we, like others, appreciate the community’s advancement and improvements.

Employed by the City of Paso Robles in 1990, I found a city in transition from what it was then to what it is today and beyond. During my 38-plus years in the fire service, I learned a lot about people, politics, and good and bad government.

In Paso Robles, I found that good leadership produces good government. It’s the city manager’s responsibility to validate all information for policymakers’ consideration, knowing that policymakers can’t make good decisions with bad information.

When we began to enhance your fire and life safety services in 2001, it was no gift. Before any information was placed in an agenda, City Manager App demanded good information with both the positive and negatives.

People of Paso Robles, you live in a great city. I want to take this opportunity to recognize your success as a community and thank council members current and past and Mr. Jim App for holding this local government and me accountable.

Thank you.

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