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Acts of Violence



What's it rated? R

When? 2018

Where's it showing? Netflix

Go ahead and file this film under "Bruce Willis needed a paycheck." Directed by Brett Donowho (Salvation U.S.A.) and filmed in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, it's a classic revenge tale. Former Army Rangers Deklan (Cole Hauser) and Brandon (Shawn Ashmore) love their sister Mia (Melissa Bolona) dearly, but during her bachelorette party at a night club, she pisses off the wrong dudes who abduct her to make her a part of their boss's sex-trafficking ring.

Mia's fiancé, Roman (Ashton Holmes), and her two brothers know that despite what Detective James Avery (Bruce Willis) says about letting the police "do our jobs," Mia's chance of surviving the ordeal rests on them. Luckily Deklan, who has PTSD, also has a garage full of military-grade weapons. Unencumbered by police procedure, they do what world-weary Avery wishes he could: kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out.

Is it a fine film? Not especially. I missed it when it was released because it was a straight-to-DVD rental two years ago when I could still go to the theater where the good films are. That said, it's actually kind of decent, and while the emotional stakes aren't as high as, say, Taken (2008), it's a fun action romp. (86 min.) Δ


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