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Admit it: you were (and still are) wrong

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I know how hard it is to admit you're wrong, especially when you've staunchly defended a position for a long time. But sometimes you have to just bite the bullet and do it.

It is long past time for deniers of man-made climate change to muster the courage to make that admission. The scientific evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. The extreme weather events that have been predicted for decades—heat waves, droughts, wildfires, floods, hurricanes—are now upon us now and will only get worse the longer we wait to act.

The cost in human suffering and infrastructure destruction is mounting by the day. Those who continue to stymy efforts to reduce carbon emissions to avert catastrophic global warming can no longer profess doubt or ignorance. Such a stance is fundamentally immoral, as it condemns thousands of people to perish in future disasters along with countless numbers of other species that share this planet with us.

The only thing worse than being wrong is not correcting your mistake.

Holly Sletteland



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