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Affordable housing is not a partisan issue


I'd like to know what Gary Wechter ("The affordable housing myth," Nov. 2) suggests for the "lefties" who work as police and firemen in SLO and where they should live? My husband works full time (often 75-plus hours per week) and still does not earn enough to afford to rent or buy a house in the area. I also work full time in my own business. We have one child and expect another soon. From his words, it seems like Mr. Wechter thinks "lefties" are lazy and choosing not to earn enough to live here.

Please ask him what his suggestion is; I'd really like to know as we are looking for an affordable home for my firefighter husband to continue to serve our county. Mr. Wechter seems to have all the answers.

Mr. Wechter seems to not be considering the people who earn standard income for providing basic safety to him. He seems to be grouping everyone who wants to be able to afford a place to live into the term "lefties."

My request: Please stop using adjectives to describe people when we are talking about something as serious as finding affordable housing. Regardless of what party you belong to, affordable housing is a serious issue.

My suggestion: Let's teach people how to use their skills to start their own businesses so we can have more commerce in the city.

Veronica Dailey

San Luis Obispo

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