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AG City Council is doing its job


Per a June 10 New Times article ("Arroyo Grande opts out of Central Coast Blue, barring new agreement"): "The city of Pismo Beach is incredibly disappointed in the action of the Arroyo Grande City Council to not move forward with Central Coast Blue," Mayor Waage's statement read. "Our request for a public meeting of all three city councils to work through issues in a transparent manner was denied. As partner agencies, we worked in good faith and expended funds to the benefit of our collective communities ... ."

I believe Mayor Waage and Pismo Beach's staff should take responsibility for placing Arroyo Grande (AG) City Council in a difficult position. I and others have warned Pismo Beach City Council and staff regarding upcoming potential difficulties because Pismo did not place a higher priority on a governance agreement between the Central Coast Blue partners. AG has a good point: Why should the city spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a project that does not provide a legally binding governance agreement? Mayor Waage might be "incredibly disappointed" now. But, Mayor Waage has represented Pismo Beach for many years, and part of the reason for his longevity is his ability to research projects and sometimes ask hard questions, which is exactly what AG is doing.

The Five Cities area is on the cusp of building a vitally important and sustainable source of freshwater which will serve our communities for generations. Instead of Mayor Waage telling us how disappointed he is, maybe he should tell us why Pismo Beach won't immediately agree to "a governance structure that includes equal decision-making by all member agencies in order to preserve their fiduciary oversight responsibilities to their respective ratepayers."

Why wouldn't Pismo Beach agree to that? We shouldn't need a public meeting before hearing Pismo's answer.

Brad Snook

Arroyo Grande

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