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AG needs to face the music



I’ve been a resident in the city of Arroyo Grande for 20 years. What should be a simple conclusion isn’t. It baffles the mind when we have a serious water issue going on. I can’t understand why there hasn’t been a moratorium declared when it comes to building any new construction. 

It shouldn’t be rocket science when any idiot could clearly ascertain at this moment in time, our hands “should be” tied. Simply, there should be no building of any kind when the consideration for any newly built structures comes across the table. Until the city of Arroyo Grande (or anywhere else) can conclusively determine that we have adequate levels of water, any request to build should be refused. 

The issue is really that simple. 


What more has to be taken away from the residents that already live here?

-- Steven Markovits - Arroyo Grande

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