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Al Fonzi forgets his Christian values and fellow Americans


Mr. Fonzi, your opinion on the recent Atascadero City Council decision is appalling and the most selfish piece I've ever read in the New Times ("Why the armory is a bad idea for a shelter," Dec. 6). You assume that everyone who can't make it to ECHO is an addict and violent, which is a flat-out lie. At my work in SLO, transients frequent and sleep there every day, and the majority are struggling to live while sleeping in the cold and heavy rains.

How dare you assume that these people would ever harm a child!

The selfish-individualistic mentality that's infected all levels of government and society is why our great nation is failing to achieve any form of positive and pragmatic goals. That is to lower the basic costs of living so we can be "well fed, well clothed, well lodged, well instructed, and well paid," attaining our harmony of interests, while using our innovative productive powers to save our planet and keep our children and communities safe from school/public shootings.

We are a community and through association and cooperation, we pay local, state, and federal taxes. The state military department has no right to ask more from us stalwart taxpayers and should be asking the Department of Defense, which takes 54 percent of our income taxes, accounting for $590 billion plus interest (cbo.gov), instead of gutting the city's small budget.

If you claim to be a Christian, consider Christ's compassion. Stop spreading fear and come to the table with some pragmatic and empathetic suggestions.

Garland Miller


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