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Allen V. Farrow


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What's it rated? TV-MA

When? 2021

Where's it showing? HBO Max

I've loved a lot of Woody Allen films. As a 15-year-old, I saw Annie Hall (1977) in the theater and was hooked on his quirky, neurotic humor. Zelig (1983) is a masterpiece, and over the years I've watched his new films as well as his back catalog of zany comedies such as Bananas (1971) and Sleeper (1973). I loved some of his heavier stuff, like Match Point (2005), but the more I learn about his behavior, the more he disgusts me. I know we should be able to separate art from an artist's personal life, but after watching this documentary, I'll never support Allen by watching one of his films again.

Not only does it explore his infidelity to Mia Farrow by pursuing a sexual relationship with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, 35 years his junior, it lays out the case that he molested his daughter Dylan Farrow, and when Mia called him out on his behavior, he sued her for custody of their children.

It's the story of a powerful man getting away with horrible behavior, and in the #MeToo era, it's another sad reminder that culturally we have far to go. Watching these interviews with Mia and Dylan, it's impossible to think they're making up these terrible allegations, and it's wholly unjust that Allen has escaped accountability. (four episodes totaling 256 min.) Δ



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