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Alternative energy is a necessity


Where do we begin to begin? The devastating oil spill off the coast of Huntington Beach in October? Or the 3.6 million pounds of high-level radioactive waste sitting in thin-walled canisters at San Onofre Nuclear Plant, 100 feet from the same warming and rising ocean? Nine million people live in neighboring communities 50 miles from Los Angeles. How did this plant (now closed mainly because of leaks) get built here in the first place?

An 1855 map shows this geological area in particular as "Earthquake Bay." And the final destination of that aforementioned waste? No answer since the Nuclear Age began 75 years ago. We must continue with the development and construction of wind energy off our coast with storage facilities in Morro Bay. Support of alternative, clean energy is essential to reduce ocean warming and rising CO2 levels. Wind turbines are not a perfect solution. Mitigation and careful planning are needed to address concerns of wildlife endangerment, migration pathways, the fishing industry, and military needs. The choice is obvious when oil-covered beaches, dying marine life, a tourism-dependent economy, a warming planet, and radioactive waste are on the scale.

Marty Brown


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