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An abuse of power


Felony charges should be leveled against SLO County Sheriff Ian Parkinson and District Attorney Dan Dow for upholding and perpetuating institutional racism. To instead charge Tianna Arata for joining the nation in leading protests against 400 years of literally murderous inequality is a gross display of power. What is the "proper" way to protest injustice? Be nice, stay on the sidewalk, and don't make people uncomfortable? Armed gunmen stood on roofs in Arroyo Grande during a BLM march. And yet, dangerous as these actions were, no charges were filed against those white men. Please. Tianna Arata is 20 years old. She has courage and conviction. We need people like her. It is obvious that these charges are being brought solely to make an example of her. The constant protest chant is true: "No justice. No peace."

Dian Sousa

Los Osos

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