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An agenda of fear and hatred


I find it interesting that Mr. Fonzi ("The plague of false narratives," Jan. 31) can actually embrace the truth when it supports his narrative. In this, he proves that he is at least a half step better than Mr. Trump. The only thing I would contest in his interpretation of the event that he wrote about is that he seems to think that wearing a MAGA hat is rather inconsequential. I wonder if he appreciates that, to many, it's as obnoxious and offensive a symbol as kneeling during the national anthem is to so many conservatives.

If he and other conservatives who support Trump don't like the way they are being treated by the "mainstream" media, perhaps they should consider that the "plague" of false narratives began with Mr. Trump and his supporters in the right-wing propaganda machine. Of course, that would involve having the courage to admit that they have been fooled and conned by people with an agenda based primarily on fear and hatred of "others" and of unrestricted greed (scapegoating, xenophobia, and corruption).

Ron Holt

Pismo Beach

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