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An open letter to Dan Dow


Disclosure: I am not running for any office at this time.

Your accusations that SLO Mayor Heidi Harmon's public statement regarding your blatant partisanship in your ongoing prosecution of Black activists only serve to underscore your inability to recognize your role in perpetuating the systemic racism these activists are trying to bring to light. Have you heard the saying about glass houses? Sir, you have used your bully pulpit in your role as a supposedly nonpartisan elected official to promote your own agenda of over-policing Black bodies, science denial, and other far right initiatives. Your words and actions have put the people of this community at risk.

Mayor Harmon made her statement in a fearless, public manner to bring attention to the disproportionate focus your office has had on prosecuting Black activists, while completely ignoring the people who have used their motor vehicles as dangerous weapons against these activists. You pander to the science deniers at big-ticket party fundraisers.

This community deserves better. Drop your double standards and take a hard look at your actions. You are not protecting this community—you endanger us with your rhetoric and dubious choices.

Rosemary Wrenn

Shell Beach

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