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‘Moral values’ indeed


During the election coverage I was appalled to hear the following statistics based on exit polls: 27 percent of the voters listed “moral values� as their first priority, and 86 percent of them voted for Bush!

What a message this sends about the intelligence of these voters. Doesn’t lying come under the heading of moral values? What about sending ill-equipped troops into a premature and possibly unnecessary war? Running a campaign based on fear tactics and vicious attacks on the character of one’s opponent — isn’t this an indicator of a lack of moral values? What about destroying our environment and using one’s office for personal financial gain? How interesting that all this can be overlooked as long as one’s candidate is against abortion and gay marriage.

What a sad commentary on the “morality� of our nation. God bless America for the next four years — we desperately need it.

Betty Owen

Baywood Park

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