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‘Sideways’: We weren’t impressed


To echo your past opinion issued last week (“Sideways to the top,� cover story, Jan. 13-20), my wife and I are avid movie fans and cannot understand the acclaim “Sideways� has received and how it continues to make the lists of best movies of 2004. The primary ingredient in all great movies, “conflict,� centered on two losers trying to find: a. a way to get laid, b. a Pinot Noir that would solve world peace, c. golfing, (finding the right club), and or recovering a wallet and contents (best part of the movie).

On a scale from one to 10 we rated this a five to six, with apprehension. No sour grapes, but when I think of great acting Giamatti and Church don’t come to mind. Virginia Madsen brought some emotional depth to her character, and Sandra Oh brought enthusiasm to her role. This past year’s film harvest was influenced by private cellars; hopefully 2005 will be a vintage year in film making.

George and Christina Sheffield

Los Osos

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